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Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:11 pm

hi im new to cb and im currently trying to setup my cb in my house i cant mount my cb on the roof of the house on a mast as im not able to get up to the roof and dont have premission to do so.

but im aloud to have my cb aerial in my loft so im planning to run a cable down from the loft to my room 2 floors below ive broght 20 meters of rg58 coax 50ohm cable hopfully i dont use all 20 meters i would say max of 10 meters but im not shure at the momment.

ive also brought a swr meter and power meter along with a few extra goodies such as connectors and im hoping i wont lose much signal my question is i dont have a proper loft aerial like the silro av27 i only have a typical Tornado Stinger Mobile CB Antenna mounted on a magmount base that is sitting on my plastic water tank.

27-28 MHz TX
Base loaded
3/8 thread
1000 watts power
1.55m length
VSWR 1: 1.5

now i dont know if its still ok to use this aerial in my loft or would it be better to invest in a aerial such as the sirlo av27 desgined for the loft and balconays ect or will the stinger do the job just as well can anyone advise? and if so is there anyway i can improve the preformance of the aerial like attaching a ground cable to a metal water pipe or somethink?

thanks mike :-)

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Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:19 pm

off the water tank and on to a ground plane assembly from our sponsers or a buiscet tin with 4 x 8ft lengths of cable attached and run out at right angles to the tin then you are in with a fighting chance of getting a deceant SWR
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