Who has a Thunderpole Super Nova. How do you find it?

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Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:44 am

As above!

I have got my old FM only rig, a Midland 77-95 yuk, out of storage and I'm going to hook it up to the Super Nove on a 4 inch mag mount on the boot of my coupe. It should be here in the morning, I'm so excited!

So, who else uses one and how do you find it?
I chose this one as it's centre loaded and not too long. Additionally the write up on the web page showed it was able to get out further than most of the middle size twigs, that is up to 10 miles like the long 1.5 meter ones.

Does it have a small grub screw to adjust SWR?

Roll on tomorrow...... :P :P

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