What are good 11m SSB radios to use.

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Try the new Anytone AT-5555. It covers 25 Mhz to 28 Mhz as standard and 25 Mhz to 30 Mhz with a simple software download. Brand new, if you shop around, they can be had for about £150.

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Just thinking 'out the box' the Yaesu FT-857D works great on 11mtrs. It has a detachable head which makes fitting a joy, you can program the 1-40 UK channels into the memory and Alpha tag them (so the display reads channel 40 or what ever), it runs 100watts out the back, has AM,FM, SSB, RTTY and CW. Covers 500khz thru to UHF, can be used on ham bands and as a shortwave reciever. Has memory scan, so you can scan the channels, has DSP (Digital Signal Processing) which really cleans up the rubbish on ssb. The only drawback is the price but you get what you pay for.

If you take your ham ticket you get the best of both worlds in one radio, BUT, as with other multi-modes, this is not a legal radio to use on CB (at the moment).

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the Jopix SS3900 needs a lot of work to get them right and sound good.
I spent over 12 months fixing every single niggle with that radio and end up with something really good alla SS-3900-EU-V10
Stable now -Yes
FM spot on-fixed the poor noisy fm detector,fixed the detector range so now have super loud and clear fm off volume control and less background hiss,fixed the lame TX FM modulation so no has clipped proper FM,just like your Icoms and Kenwoods nice and punchy and dev set for CB band 2.00khz max on testtone (2.2khz on speech),improve microphone gain so no more power mics needed.
Roofing filter in All modes to help clean up the RX in ALL modes
Wider FM filter 9khz wide not 6khz wide-Audio brighter and can cope better with CB fm over deviation better aboove 2.5-3.5khz
less distortion,Am sounds nice and brighter audio too.
Upgraded DC regulator transistor
Upgraded Bolt on heatsink
10Khz up shift
Potted high temperature wax around all the frequency dependent parts to avoid drifting.Much improved +/-5Hz
Plus some other fixes and niggles.
Upgraded the mixer hy-brid chip back to an original Toshiba part (thermal issues)
I built 2 proto types from 1 new stock and one old stock and both worked extremely well,it was a test to see if feasable to fix everything and still keep it within legal specs

SS158EDX again had to have extensive work to get it to sound right in Box Tx & RX
similar features as above.
A lot of the TRansmit side needs a lot of changing parts
But add twin blower fans for fm as I tricked radio in getting 25W FM

Something to bear in mind I found with a lot of these 10m USA exports,the FM is set up for ham 25khz bandwidth\TX FM Dev use.Not EU\UK cb specs! because all FM is mandated in FCC USA to using 20/25khz bandwidth FM or sometimes referred FM-Wide 5khz deviation system ,not the EU spec of 10khz spacing system
what that means is
USA 10metre HAM FCC specs 20.25khz spacing
TX FM Dev FM=4-5khz
RX FM detector set for 60% dev=3.0khz @-3dB down from max audio recovered

EU\UK CB specs 10khz spacing
TX FM dev (per ETSI) 2.00khz Max
RX FM detector set for 60% dev=1.20khz @-3dB down from max audio recovered

As you can see ,stock the radios dev is too high for UK\EU cb,and the RX fm detector level would sound lower volume due to the starting threshold of detector to recover 60% audio level.
In otherwise you have to crank the audio volume control up a lot higher to get same audio from speake,not idealr!

IT can be fixed quite easy by component changes inside radio
WHat i did find with the SS158EDX once all the niggles fixed ,fab radio
I even manage to extend the upper frequency to 30.105mhz
25w Carrier FM
6.5W Carrier 26w AM PEP @90-100%

same roofing filter helped too.
But really both radios from stock out the box,I would get a tech to set them up and mod them correctly for UK\EU use\specs
I found the SS158 had a lot of gain problems in the audio side of TX ,esp going IN\OUT through the echo board!

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