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Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:56 pm

Hi all. I hope someone can help please. I have a campervan (Mazda Bongo) and pretty new to CB.
1. Has a full length lifting roof, fibreglass, hinged on the off-side. There is a large solar panel on the rear of the roof.
2. There are metal gutters but unuseable due to the hinged lifting roof offside and an Awning attachment to nearside on the gutter.
3. There are no metal body areas to enable a vertical aerial, such as a mag-mount.
4. I do not want to drill holes in the bodywork.
5. There is a small area at the rear of the offside gutter where I mounted a small springer type aerial on a gutter mount after scraping away a small section of paintwork.
6. I could fit a mount on the tailgate but it would have to lift the aerial clear of the spoiler as there is only a small gap between that and the body.

I have a new CRT-ONE mini CB (and a SWR meter bought from Thunderpole).

Problem: SWR over 3 in the red on both the Springer and a small magmount aerial. I have no room for moving the mount around.

All the CB set-up bits are brand new but obviously something is not right?
Could anyone recommend, maybe, a better aerial set-up or a different way of mounting the one I have? I am going to try an earth strap first. Many thanks for any advice and apologies for the essay. :? :?

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New to the Scene
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Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:53 am

Hi, Tanglefoot... did you get this sorted?

I have just signed up to this forum having just bought a set up for my motorhome.. but also using a recommended springer of 3ft... could not get the swr down below a mark between 5 and 10.. rig-busting figures and well in red. Had an experienced CB guy assess my setup last week and advised that the springer.. is a good aerial.. but not for my purpose.. it is base loaded and whacks out a good signal which on my moho is getting bounced back. Advised springer well suited for trucks but not MoHo, and that anything close by the base of aerial will rebound the RF signal, big-time. I am suffering RF bounce from the front of the body of van (plus the aerial just meets the top of van and does not clear it... advised to get a longer and top-loaded aerial which came yesterday from T-pole (super delivery times BTW)... now waiting for the rain to clear for a few hours so I can go to the van (in storage) and take it out to open area to test and tune. (P.S. I have Fiat Ducato base veh and MoHo is fibreglass shell so wing mirror mount is my best option, the other option being a pole attached to my rear cycle carrier and earth strap.. wifey quite rightly refuses to consider drilling holes in a new van. I have tried the no-ground-plane aerial which IMO is useless.. so adapted the bracket to take bog standard body mount and earth strapped it.. that alone brought the SWR down to half the number that it was while still using springer, but I am still too far in the red.. hoping the new aerial will get the job done now)

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