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I live in Spain, and ordered this since it said "EU" in its name. What's the difference from CB radios in the US and in Europe ? I thought they both used FM 27 Mhz in general. Could this radio work in the US with some calibration?
I am for the moment looking for a good quality antenna, antenna base and cable. I have a snug fit in my dash, so would need a 90 degree angle connector behind the radio. I know so far that I will need 50ohm cable and antenna to make it match up. What should I be looking for in an antenna to not mismatch anything ? I was thinking using a 3 or 4 foot whip with ground, on a dome roof mount. Fixed, not magnet.
I see the 3 foot Firestik II have 100watt capacity, that means I could use a 100w in-line amp if I want?
I was also considering the Mini Springer "Tornado" whip, that's less than 1 meter long. I just have a passenger car, so don't want a 2 meter whip waving all around the place.
Would this be a good setup so far? Any changes ?

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