Alan 456R possible transmit problem

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Anyone have any ideas on this one?

I have 2 of the Alan 456R radios. One is an older unit .
The second - a newer unit -which seems to have a problem.

1) When transmitting from the older unit to the new one all seems well with reception on the new unit.
When transmitting from the new unit to the older one reception is broken when close to it and it seems as if it is over modulating when at a distance of a few metres and more, almost as if the new unit is too powerful for the older unit to receive cleanly. I replaced the older unit for another radio - a goodmans gpmr116 and reception is the same - ie bad - so this points to the new 456r unit as having a problem.

2) When setting the ctss code to 1 or any other value ( on any channel) on both the new and old unit then the older unit does not receive but the newer one does.

Does this make sense ?
So, in short - the new unit does transmit but at a close distance reception on the 2 old units is broken, at a few metres distance it sounds like the new unit is way over modulating for the older units to receive cleanly.
Also - the ctss and dcs codes when set on the new unit mean the 2 older units do not receive a signal from it when set to the same code.

Any ideas?

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