Midland G7 xrt and mitex pmr446

PMR446 Radio advice and troubleshooting

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Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:18 pm

Hi there I have a pair of midland g7 xrt and a pair of mitex 446pmr radios at the moment they run on the normal 500mw power but I understand that you can mod these radios. With the g7s I understand all you have to do is snip the loop jp3 to open up the radio to 3 watts power. Just wanted to no if anybody has done this and is jp3 the right loop to cut? Also the mitex radios say they can be up graded to 5watt is this somthing I can do my self or do I need to send the radios to mitex for the to do the mod? Hope you can help.

Many thanks Ryan

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