Parrot repeater north dorset update!

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Wed May 07, 2014 10:22 pm

Well all just a little update on the parrot repeater project!! its now been up and running for about 2 weeks with the odd interruption! mainly due to a issue with the solar panel!
We now have upgraded the panel from a 1.8w to a 10w! this is due to a lack of current! the repeater consumes 40-50ma on standby and a full 1.2A on tx! the 1.8w panel only gave us 100ma in direct sunlight so we required 12hrs of direct sunlight just to maintain the standby consumption! so we found the battery to be flat after around 5 days!
After upgrading to a 10w panel which is giving us 527ma in DAYLIGHT not requiring sunlight we only need 2 hrs of daylight to cover the standby consumption!
so its been checked today after a week on the new panel and the battery is FULLY charged!
so please all enjoy the parrot repeater and feel free to use it after all thats what its there for! 446.08125/241.8 (ch7-37)
If anyone requires any more info please feel free to contact me!

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