New Boxed Amastrad CB901 Radio Price

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New to the Scene
New to the Scene
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Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:40 am

Hi all, just curious how much you think something like this would be worth? ... ING_ACTIVE

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Motor Mouth!
Motor Mouth!
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Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:04 pm

Hi Jackdexster....The Amstrad is only worth what you are prepared to pay for it...40 channels fm for £50 at the moment? No,I would not pay the asking price myself..Sellers on Ebay are asking silly money for old radios that have no guarantee that they even work. Having said that I can understand those that like to collect mint condition radios and are prepared to pay good money for their collecting passion..But if you are looking for a radio to use buy new!...There are good multi region radios to be had these days along with some cracking good SSB ones..If money is an issue with you ask about for any used radios but try them out before buying. :D

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