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I am new to scanning and cb/446 radio in general, i started out buy buying a set of binatone action 950 walkie talkies which had a scan function built in to it. I used this to here what sounded like farmers/game keepers near me talking, not using a dcm or other more secure channel just broadcasting on channel 8 or similar. I then brought a Realistic scanner pro-50 (20 channel scanner).

I used the walkie talkie to set up the scanner assigning the freq for channel 1 on the walkie so that it would be picked up via the scanner when i broadcast from the walkie talkie. This seemed to work fine and came through clear as a bell (when walkie and scanner were about 1 metre apart, i understand that that would of been a strong signal and easily picked up and it isnt a "true test of the scanners ability to receive signals".

How do i set up my scanner to listen to these same freqs (if when i broadcast from the walkie and its received by scanner surely, other signals that can be picked up by the walkie should be picked up by the scanner but it doesnt seem to work like that, my walkie talkie is always crackling to life and i hear voice's coming on there alot (usually channel 8 on the walkie) but not via the scanner.

Could this be the set up of the squelch option? i think i understand the fundamentals of it (low squelch will only "allow" stronger signals though as it is removing noise, high squelch allows lower strength/quality signals through but this allows more noise through and will stop the scanning process as its interpreting noise as communications? If im wrong please set me straight.

Are there frequencies which are universal (can be picked up anywhere) i am looking for a weather report frequencies for something to listen too. I have found frequencies for local shop watch but i live too far to pick this up in bath (i live in somerset, 10 miles south of bath).

I hope this is clear and i have made sense

I look forward to your advice and responses


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