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Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:28 pm
by SamN
Hi everyone, I'm Sam, new to here, and CBs really. Work for a contractor that uses them. For Christmas, I got a CB, and I want to fit it in our 6830 premium. Its a TTI TCB 771.

Im quite good at bodging things up to make them work, but I want to fit it in properly. In a 30 premium deere, there is a spare radio flat thing, where they are quite often installed to, and it is quite easy to fit it in there. I want to know where I have to get the power from, and where to route the cables for the power, antenna and mic, as it seems pretty dark and inaccessible. Ive seen pictures on here of them fitted in correctly and tidily.

So has anyone fitted a CB in a 30premium? I'm sure someone on here has some idea! I think you have to get the power from the battery ideally, or the fusebox, it all just seems a bit awkward. Or can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial? I searched the internet fairly well, and I cant find anything. I can radge it in, just want to know how its done properly.


Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:16 pm
by stampman
feed from the nearest 12 volt supply put antenna on a mirror mount and the base coil as far away from any upright smoke stack or metal as possable and USE A SWR METER to set it up

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Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:57 pm
by Dragonfly
TTI 771
140 mm Wide
35 mm High
200 mm Deep

12v / 24v Autosensing - so power point not critical .

Din mounts for fitting CB radios into Car radio slots . Extension speeker required .

Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:40 pm
by SamN
Thanks for the replies.
So is taking a feed supply from the back of the radio good enough? or will i get interference and a bad feed? Ive put the antenna mount next to the exhaust pipe :/ bad idea? I can move it to the other mirror...

I have an extension speaker, and fitting place in the tractor already.

Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:39 am
by stampman
Move the antenna and the power supply should be ok from the radio

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Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:31 pm
by stewartyboy01824
Hi Sam, im Stewart a tractor driver in Aberdeenshire, im 23 and work a New Holland 6080 and have been mad on CB's and tractors since a little boy so hope i can be some help.
I used to work a JD 6520 for a while and put a cb behind the seat but that was a bodge job really and im like you i like to fit everything in tidy! First thing i would say is buy a mounting DIN bracket from thunderpole for your pacific cb, they dont cost much and means you can fit it in the spare radio slot in your johner and it'l look super tidy. Its just like a plastic plate like the JD cream cover on the spare radio slot but it has a hole cut out just the right size for your cb and all the mounting gubbins behind that so it means you can just slot your cb in and it'l click into place like a normal car stereo etc.
With your power, some tractors do have a spare positive/negative wire just hanging behind the roof console especially for cb's or two way radios so have a good look with a torch and if there is any wires just hanging test them with a multi metre with the key on and see if theres power there. If theres nothing there then wiring it to the positive feed for your radio will do fine as a second best.
Alternitavly, thread a new wire around the roof lining down to your cigarette lighter or positive/negative terminals at the back of your right hand dash if you have them or there'l be power there somewhere.
Now your aerial, im not a big fan of mirror mounts but they do just fine but what i would say is make sure you get one that the bracket and cable is seperate and you screw your cable into the bracket with a proper plug. if youve got a slightly cheaper one it'l just have the cable shoved into like a black plastic washer type thing and over time water gets in and corodes everything but dont worry to much about that for a couple of years, ask around or see on thunderpole or look on google images and you'l know what i mean between the difference.
Once youve done that you should be ok to go, you should really SWR your cb but ask someone u know with a cb for a shot of an SWR Metre and get them to help you or talk you through it or email this forum again, its really just to make sure your aerial is properly set up and copes ok where you have it, if there are any nicks or breaks in the cable or water has gotten in like i explained before then it will show up on the meter and your cb wont perform as well so just check it sometime but so long as everything is new and untouched and you dont start bodging things then you should be ok.
Now just tuck away all your wires tidy and tie wrap your aerial cable to your mirror arm etc and thats you sorted! When it comes to threading your wires in the cab i know its a pig of a job but try and take out or dismantle the roof console , there'l be screws somewhere , so you can really get in with your hand and tuck the wires away out of site, it probably wont be easy but you'll figure something out and it'l look super tidy once youve done it and you'll be pleased with yourself. If your new to cb then read the instruction manual one night your not doing anything, it will help you, there'll be some things you dont know and it'l explain how to have your knobs set up, squelch etc.
Right il shut-up now, get one of your mates a few miles away to give you a shout and see if you can hear them and have chat, general range of a cb is 5-10 miles if everything is set up right, depends on terrain too but if your both high up on hills with 10-20 miles between you then you should still catch eachother no problem!!
Have fun buddy, let me know how u get on and post some pics on here or in the gallery of your setup when u finished. Take care Stewart, Channel 24 Aberdeenshire.

Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:14 pm
by Spike
If theres a gap next to the radio it cant have electric mirrors, but there is still the wiring for them behind the radio in the cab harness. if you can find the loose plug ends, then stick a fuse in the gap for electric mirrors in the fuse box, bobs your uncle. Thats what mates of mine have done before, no bother. tidy job. the only prob then you'll have is routing the co-ax, and often although it sounds a big job, taking the cab top of is generally easiest for a tidy job.
Hope this helps

Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:51 pm
by SamN
Hi Stewart and Spike, thanks for your messages.

I drive NHs at work, they have CBs in which I use, but have never installed or anything, and we have JDs at home and I asked for a CB for Christmas, which I got, and thought I would put in our recently purchased 6830 in case I get the chance to hire it out to where I work to.

I have put the CB in the tractor now, and it is looking fairly well. I've got the aerial on the left mirror with a mirror bracket, I don't have a separate earth lead running to it, should I? I filed the paint off the mirror arm where it is anyway, just don't know how good the connection is to the rest of the tractor from the mirror. As for the aerial wire, yes I did have to take the top of the roof off, just the green bit. 2 big bolts and 4 smaller bolts on the top of the roof, and 14 hex keys underneath around the outside held it on, and it lifted up and back over fairly easily. This opened up the space at the front of the cab, I could thread the wire from the aerial in through, and there were some small holes which led into the radio etc. compartment. I also put the black wire from the CB out this hole, and attached this to the cab on the outside where the mirror attaches, this seemed a good earth for it, couldn't really work out what's what behind the radio, and a mate said just attach it to the cab frame. Got my positive supply from the back of the radio, guessed it was the red lead, it turns the CB on anyway! Someone else said about the electric mirrors Spike, but I couldn't find any odd wires or connectors, and everything was a bit tied up up there. With the mic wire, I got it going back behind the CB, and coming out by the speaker cover, then pulled across to the top of the right hand middle cab pillar, and there is just enough flex on it to reach and talk into.

It looks as tidy as I could hope for coming from me! Ill take and upload some pics of it now, got a few from when I was doing it which ill upload too so others can see if they want to use this as a bit of a guide. I can hear people talking on it, but haven't got round to talking to anyone yet, but it seems to be working. I dont have an extra speaker installed yet, think dads got one somewhere, but he doesn't know where! it is a bit quiet atm, especially with the right hand window open, which is a must when driving a 6cyl Deere! When I get the speaker sorted, ill cut out the original blank panel which was in the CB space, so it fits over the CB to make it look fitted properly. Leaving it for the time though so that I can hear it.

Thanks everyone for your stories and ideas.


Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:36 am
by stewartyboy01824
No problem sam, hope you have some fun with it. No you wont need to run a seperate earth wire, your aerial coax has an outside wire and a wire through the middle, the wire on the outside is your earth which will be connected to your silver aerial bracket which then gets an earth off your mirror and the centre running wire of your coax goes to your aerial only for your signal, now bear in mind for future reference that the two can never be touching eachother or your aerial wont work, thats why if you look closely at your bracket your aerial is screwed into a nut right? Now below that nut you will see a plastic washer, that plastic washer is preventing your aerial from touching the earth, when some folk bodge them up they just shove the aerial stuff through a hole somewhere, screw that nut and aerial on so its touching the earth and your aerial wont work. just something to keep in mind. Take care, keep in touch. Stewart. p.s, yes you will need an external speaker at some point to hear your cb as its in the slot. Cheerio.

Re: Fitting a CB in a JD6830p.

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:15 am
by tomcruzz