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Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:41 pm

This is a very strange occurance and I thought I would share with you all.

Back in June of 1999, when the skip was high on a Summer's day/evening... the UK 40's and EU's were overloaded with DX calls from all over the UK and Europe. Myself and some friends had retired back to channel 19 around 9:30pm on this particular evening after spending the early evening on 555's gaining contacts and qsl cards etc to talk about the day's contacts and where and who we spoke to. As we normally did at the time.

Then in between the chit chat on channel 19, I hear as clear as day a CQ call.... "29AT102, southern replublic of ireland calling & standing by on....." now this was coming in very strong, and weirdly enough around 10pm. I immediately recognised the callsign, it was my cousin Martin in County Cork. I had tried on numerous occasions to make contact with him but to no avail, so i followed him up to UK's channel 24 and he gave another call out. I was also followed by a few friends of mine from ch19.

I gave a callback, and he then proceeded to start off the convo with me. He did not realise who I was.

I told him I was from Brighton, and I don't think he was listening very well but he said in one of his over's "I have an Aunt and Cousin in Brighton and he is called Mike...."

I then repled "I am your cousin... it's me!"
After a fit of swearing, and the sheer amazement of the conditions, we had a great long chat and he brought in my friend's from channel 19 of which some of them never made contact outside of their counties let alone country! anyhow, we exchanged qsl cards and to this day, we speak about it.

It was just one of those strange days, when you don't expect anything else to happen and the total randomness of it :D

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Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:31 pm

strange things can happ and your as chuffed as out for the next week

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