thunderpole 5 after been hit with lightning

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Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:40 am

hi all,

just a word of advice before a thunderstorm hits your town unplug your coax from your radio to your antenna if not here is what will happen,

you all thought fibre glass aerials were safe in thunder storms..!!
this is what happens when a thunderpole 5 gets hits..

Frst hits the top whip, melts it and turns it blue..!!


then the voltage goes to the nearest ground melting the internal wire into fresh air..!!
you can just see the plastic covering from the wire hanging out the section..
there is NO wire inside at all..


then it gets to the loading coil and blows that apart as it tries to find earth..

this had been up a few months and was only about 15ft from the ground..!!
not a lot left..
the lightening also took out a CTE 797, SWR meter, also Internet, several TV and cables services in the area as well as a couple of Xboxes and other electrical items..!!
the owners neighbors are not pleased with him..!!

& also while i was looking around google i found a comment from a user who was using a thunerpole mk 1,

Lightning hit my Thunderpole MK1 twice on the roof when I lived in Birmingham. Luckily I used to hang the co-ax out of the window on some string so I could pull it back in. Didn't stop the coil melting a bit the 1st time, and the coil being frazzled and a 1/2" hole being blown in the vertical element the 2nd time... outwards pointing aluminium strands like it had been sucked outwards or a bullet had been fired from the inside out! It had one of those inline £10 lightning "arrestors" on it too as my dad said I couldn't have a big aerial on the roof without one on. I don't think anything would withstand that much voltage unless the arrestor was the size of the thick copper strips you get down the sides of churches etc that do the job, and those are about 2 inches wide and about a quarter of an inch think as a rule

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