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Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:21 pm

We have added some exciting new antennas from Sigma, and Sirtel to our range.

Firstly a whopper of a Homebase antenna, at 7m long it's great for DX work...

The Sigma Mantova Turbo http://www.thunderpole.co.uk/sigma-mantova-turbo.html

Also two other great homebase antennas.

The Sigma Universal http://www.thunderpole.co.uk/sigma-universal2.html

and the Sigma Mini-R http://www.thunderpole.co.uk/sigma-gp-mini-r.html

We also have two new Sirtel antennas.

The Sirtel Force 27 http://www.thunderpole.co.uk/sirtel-force-27.html

and the Sirtel Santiago Range http://www.thunderpole.co.uk/sirtel-santiago.html

Andy :wink: