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General Rules and Guidelines
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Welcome to the Thunderpole Forum.

We have created this forum to discuss the hobbies of CB radio, Scanning and PMR446. We hope to keep this a friendly forum where people can come for advice or just to chat to other members. Please read the following few and simple rules that govern the Forum and its membership.

1) Since the forum is created by Thunderpole, it is only fair not to link to or advertise other shops or like companies. Likewise please do not advertise your own products for sale or attempt to purchase radio equipment from other users.

2) Any complaints or issues with the Forum, its member(s), or moderator(s) should be taken up only with a moderator. If someone has said something to offend you, contact a moderator. The moderator will look into the situation and decide what is to be done about it.

3) Please think about your posts before making them. This is a forum with advice, chat and banter and as such a family orientated site. Please do not post any nudity on the site as the Admin and Mod team will be forced to remove it.

4) Any thing that you post that maybe adult orientated then please make sure that you put a **WARNING** in the title so readers can make the decision to read or not. Also posts remain the property of the perspective posters but in posting on this forum you give Thunderpole the right to repost as it sees fit.

5) Thunderpole has no liability for any technical info on the site. If you chose to follow advice given by a member then please do so at your own risk. We very much doubt that this will cause you any problems but you must understand that this forum cannot be held responsible in any way.

6) All decisions made by the owner and / or moderators, regarding membership, content, and the operation of the Forum are final. There will be no exceptions to the rules, and no second chances.

Many thanks for taking the time to read these rules. We hope that you enjoy many happy hours here. :D