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where is my radio? sql kill on xmit/rec; a real radio LOCK

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:59 pm
by fatkatie
I just sent this comment to midland. Maybe someone knows a radio designed like this.

I hunt a lot. I've used many different radios in the field and they all suffer from range and pocket punching.

I'd like to see a radio that you can LOCK, really LOCK, and put in your hunting jacket, KNOWING that the volume, channel and other setting WILL NOT CHANGE. A little beep telling me I bumped a switch is NOT industrial. Lock means LOCK.

The other is squelch kill. A radio can hear a call tone well below a quieting squelch setting. I'd like to see a radio the kills the squelch for 15 secs after a call OR xmit (I want to hear him come back). To those who would suggest I kill my squelch to improve performance, hey, I'm not walking all day in the woods with a rocket engine in my pocket.

I really don't know why these features are not available in a microprocessor world. If you ever gin these up, let me know. I'll be your first customer.