Noisy neighbours, replacing music with CB radio and linear amp

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I have neighbours from hell with music heard in the street 50 meters down the road, the authorities do nothing so I thought natural law and technology would help.
Other forums give solutions, but miss full instruction, so I thought I would find technical forums and ask qualified people for there opinion.
You need a CB radio, A linear amp, and a bottom loaded CB antenna with no ground pane. See if you can get a good guess where she has her [speakers] set up and get your antenna close as you can to it. You should be able to talk to her THROUGH their stereo system. The amplifier sections are not shielded in these plastic ready made toys and the resulting AM signal will impact it. In my case I ran a continuous 6khz tone from a signal generator which was more than enough to blow it up good
- I don't understand how a 6khz tone from a signal generator which was more than enough to blow it up good. Does that mean damage it? Is that possible? I would of thought only substituting your broadcast sound over theres would be the only option.

Does it work if there speakers are off?

Another article says
the CB radio has a 100 watt minimum linear amplifier; preferably an amp with a 100% duty cycle.
What part is the 100 watt minimum. This amp below says its 180w, but it says in the specs its output power is 45w max ... SwMVdYEvUQ

What am I looking for when it says 100 watt minimum.

another person says
use AM CB radio
is the default FM? another talks about
the effectiveness of the SSB (Single Side Band) CB radio, and they weren't using a linear amp, just a Cobra SSB 23 channel and a magnetic mount whip antenna.
Can anyone confirm what to use?

Another source says you don't even need the antenna use 50 ohm dummy load.
Is that a good idea, how does that setup work?

eBays buying guide says if they are not correctly tuned they can interfere with other devices, TS, stereos etc
see secton
How to Hook Up a CB Radio Amplifier
and Conclusion ... 681/g.html
Not sure what it means there, but thats what I want to do the noisy neighbours, but I don't want to create a disturbance to either the good neighbours, or other CB users. I will only use this equipment to deal with the bad neighbours and once the problem is corrected when I move I will sell the CB equipment back to CB users for less than what I bought it for.
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