K-PO DX-5000 V4 output power

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Hi folks, i have purchased a dx-5000 and have a few issues, the output according to my meter is only 8 watts on hi and 2 watts on low, not what is on the spec sheet. I get an awful grunt when i key up on full power, if i turn rf power back it stops making a noise... i found a cut track on the board and a link, does anyone have one of these radios that is version 4 so i can see if its the same as theirs, i can only find V3 photos online. component Q54 (2sd1869y) emmiter pin 3 has been cut, it should run to pin 2 collector Q56 (2sd471k) then a link from Q56 pin 2 goes to pin 2 collector to Q53 (2sc945p)....im not sure whether there's been a bit of a botched mod here or not, anyones help would be appreciated. i have attached a photo. thanks
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