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good evening all, first post on here so apologize in advance for silly questions/not using search etc... have been playing with diy whip antennas on a mag mount and having a little trouble understanding things...i'm using a beofeng uv5r,moon-raker 270 swr meter(uhf) and a small mag mount with about 3-4m of rg58 coax stuck on a beer keg(perhaps this is where it went wrong lol)and antennas are cut from stainless tig rods..so bearing in mind that pmr is around 67cm full wave ive got 3 whips to swr in to 1:1..i can appreciate that factors as coax/element velocity factor come into play and as using mag mount gnd is probably coupled via capacitance etc(i'm no expert so correct me if wrong) but my whip lengths are 25cm,59cm (that fit somewhere in to wavelength)....and 93cm!!??.. how is this so?..and what would be the best regarding radiation pattern etc.
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just read your post and it seems to me that you are over egging the custard if the swr is right then use happily and i forsee a slight problem in tying the cask up to the chimney as the more height the better the performance
and worry about the rest when you have it working

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