cb radio antenna legal height

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CB-Radio working on eleven Meters Band it means the correct place must be on eleven meters poole.Why? Because 11 meters band antenna must be 11 fitted on 11 meters poole for Full Wave range. You can of course installed your antenna on 5-6 meters poole from ground.But it never give it full specification for work. In Poland minimum poole is eleven metrs from ground.Maximum sometimes 35 meters up from the ground.Antenna will be working also one meter from the ground ,question is how? On 11 meters up from ground antenna have full wave and working excelent from 26 to 28 MHz.Of course You still need calibrate SWR obviously it is urgent must be done!!!
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Thanks for sharing this useful information here. most of the time i have to design the antenna for many applications.
According to Google Earth, the nearest runway to me is at an alt of 25m and my place an alt of 26m and I'm 2.06 miles due north of runway Heathrow's runway 09R. Would this affect me? No planes fly low enough around this area and are usually going around my location.
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Stick it up and tell them it's an antique tv mast as you are watching 1920s tv.
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How to make a cb antenna :cry: :cry: :cry: I've got a guide line fromhttp://trackinghunt.com/2017/08/28/173/.. Please suggest me is it true?
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stampman wrote:
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no stick on chimney any on asks tell them your watching digital tv from france

My sentiments exactly :)
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