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iL Profesore
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New to the Scene
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Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:48 pm

Well, here is the latest news...... I had forgotten how addictive this is. :mrgreen:

That explains the post heading.

I guess that I am glad I am divorced.... A wife would never understand the following :ugeek:

So, I was clearing out a cupboard and found a couple of old MDF shelves. So rather than clean out my cupboard, I made a homebase rig box. Am tired of the cables running around my living room. So have made a nice enclosure. Top section holds the Harrier 40.

The lower section will hold the 120w power supply when it comes. Also a huge smoothing capacitor.Oh, and the brushless 12v cooling fan, and the speaker mesh for the front, and the decorative trim...... And the painting :shock:

And that is not all, I was going to just fasten a silver rod to my house, but instead it has become a proper install, T&K mounts, 5 1/2 foot scaffold pole, then the silver rod. Oh, and the lightning protection, oh and the cable all clipped out of sight.... and am sure I have something else I absolutely have to do to the aerial just can't remember at the mo....

Then I have got my eye on a couple of multimode rigs.... One second hand, and a couple of new ones as well...... I may have to give up eating for a while to feed my addiction... Ha, even bidding on a key so I can get back to CW again.....

It is over 30 years since I last made a homebase... I must admit, age does mean experience. Nothing I had as a kid looked as good as a simple Harrier 40 nicely boxed up (at least it will look nice when it is finished =D> )
I will post final photos, but only once postman bings all the bits to finish it off. Bear in mind, it is not trimmed, and only half painted at mo :D

And no flash.... Will post better images when. It is finished. However the first set up is actually going cost just less than £60.... I will have to save up for all the other toys 8-)

SWR meter was what I couldn't remember :P

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