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Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:07 pm

hi everyone, most of you will probably remember me asking for help on choosing a larger antenna (one that is also externally mounted) for my scanner (the GRE PSR 282), i have decided to buy the SE1300 discone (unless you can recommend a better one) , probably one of the last things that i need help with on this subject is the fact that different sites have the same antenna but they have different connectors, for example this site says that there is a N type Connector and other sites say that they provide PL239 connectors and SO239 connectors, which option do i go for for, and the main thing to be taken in to consideration is which one is easier to connect to the BNC jack on my scanner (probably VIA coax cable). Thank you for your help.
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when you order ask for n type to so239 and 1 so239 to bnc the you just put pl259 on the cable and you are sorted

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