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Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:39 pm

Hi all,
Just wanted to say hi & if possible invite any advice from existing UK members.
Recently dug out my CB that I got for Xmas 81 (like many other 13 year olds I suspect!)
I had been taken with CB in 1980 when I lived in Edinburgh. One of my schoolmates had a 40 ch AM rig in his bedroom. I still remember his DV27 mobile antenna that he had clipped to the cast iron guttering outside his window. One of my older cousins also had an illegal rig. I had fairly conservative parents who wouldn't have let their 12 year old get an illegal hobby! So for a while I just had a handheld receiver where I could listen to aircraft comms as well as CB.
Then as soon as 27/81 rigs came out in 81 that was my chance.
Its amazing now to think now how popular CB became in 81/82. All the mainstream department stores had CBs in them - not just car radio or electrical stores.
Having looked at a variety of rigs I got a Cobra 21x FM (as it was a bit like my mates illegal Colt AM rig). I had a mobile magmount antenna on my bedroom floor - I had been ingenious (for a 13 year old) in folding up aluminium foil into a cross underneath the antenna to form a ground plane.
My handle in Edinburgh was Colonel Sanders.
We then moved house to West Yorkshire & for a while were in a temporary house. I remember that freezing winter of 81/82 - me & my brother were on campbeds. As it happens, the steel frame & springs made an ideal ground plane for my magmount!
Even when we moved to a new permanent house I still had what you would consider to be a bit of a basic, temporary setup (magmount in bedroom) - so by the time I stopped using CB (prob 83) I had never had an external antenna.
About 10 years ago I got nostalgic & went on Ebay & bought a Midland 4001 (because I always wanted one of those when I was 13 but it was way out of my league price-wise). Sad to say I bought it & it has been stored ever since!
So cut to now. Grumpy 50 year old. Own house. Can do what I want antenna-wise. Is it worth me firing these rigs up again? Is anyone out there (Halifax, West Yorks)?
I know there are more channels now that are legal. Does anyone still use the illegal old AM & SSB channels? Or has it all moved to the UK/EU/new SSB channels?
Is it all still full of idiots playing music?!!
What is a modest start point, home base antenna wise (low cost, not massive, easy to set up, not bothered about long range)?
I may just end up being a nostalgic rig collector. When I look at my old CB mags from 80/81/82 I am taken back to those times when I see the rigs & brands I used to desperately want to own - some that I remember are Cobra & Midland (obviously), Colt, Ham International, Stalker, NATO, Stag etc. Then when legal rigs came along , bog standard electrical brands like Amstrad, Fidelity, Harvard, Harrier, Murphy etc got in on the act .
If I was to buy a modern rig, what's the basic spec I should get, band/channels wise?
Sorry to write so much - the nostalgia got the better of me! Any comments appreciated.
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:18 pm

most rigs are now multibanded and a good one to start with is the thunderpole T2000 bit more expensive than the basic but a lot more bang for your bucks and works very well

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