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Goose Berry
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New to the Scene
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Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:55 pm

Hello everyone, :)

I recently bought a T-800 kit, and after laying out some foil in a big square (I couldn't find a biscuit tin) at the other end of the living room, I put the magmount in the centre with a tristar swr reducer on it, powered up the rig from my small golf trolley battery I bought in case there was ever a blackout.

I got a good swr reading without much fiddling, and found I wasn't pushing much in the way of wattage, less than 1 but I'll look into that later.

I was saddened to find just about every tv & radio in the flat went nuts whenever I keyed the mic, looked in to it and bought loads of clip on ferrite magnet rings to put on every cable that needs it, I bought triple what I need because I do intend to set up a more permanent ariel and I suspect my neighbours will not be happy with me at first going back on the CB.

Until it's all sorted I'll be only using it when most folk should be sleeping. ;)

I mind the old days with fond memories, I remember my Mum & Dad (the whole family in fact) being very active on the CB, Dad played chess with folk from afar and they were in a REACT group too, our white Toyota Hi-Ace caravanette became a mini ambulance (helped that Mum was a nurse) at local events (like long distance charity running races, usually up a hill for some reason). The fox hunts too were great fun, we were always one of the foxes (usually hiding in places that not even my Dad knew most of the time) where I got to sit on the back of the caravanette stamping folks cards (Mum always had tea & coffee and sandwiches made) as they came screeching up & away in all manner of trucks, taxis & cars, many handbraking to a stop (I always feared the mini cars would roll over). Mum later was part of something called the Four Sevens, which managed traffic reports for a group that used any ?7 channel in & out of the city. :)

10-10 till we meet again. ;D
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