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New to the Scene
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Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:54 am

Now that I have retired, I recently bought off eBay an Amstrad 900 in very good condition, which is my first rig. Back in the mid/ late 1970s, I took an academic interest in CB radio because I worked in a bookshop which imported some of those TAB Books (or the Foulsham's UK reprints with "a chapter specially written by W. Oliver for the guidance of the English reader). This two or three page introduction would invariably warn that British law was different (more draconian) than the American FCC. I was too cowardly to break the law!.

One day a very pleasant bloke came into the shop who looked very much like the guy who played "Citizen Smith" a popular TV series (so this must have been very late 70s) who asked if we would be interested in stocking an A4 magazine duplicated on green paper called "Bandstand". The manager refused but as I was just on my way out to lunch I bought a copy outside the shop and found it the best read on the subject I ever had before or since. I bought about 2 more issues through the post before it just came to an end. In my opinion it was written a lot better than the professional magazines that came a year or so later because it was written with real enthusiasm.

I have never found, even on the internet, any reference to this seminal magazine. Do anybody out there knpw any more about it?

Thanks, Alam.
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Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:54 am


sorry never heard of it although Bandstand seems jog a faint memory but i think it was a music mag with a link to brassbands

cheers and beers

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Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:34 am

Hi Alam,

Sorry don't know anything about the magazine, but welcome to the forum :D

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