Mobile antenna on a pole as homebase.

Homebase antenna advice and troubleshooting

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Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:39 pm

Well I had a 18 foot silver rod on t and k,s untill the council got involved so anyway they said all i could have a a 1 metere antenna, so i have a 1 metre antenna on a 6 foot ali pole with a 4x4 inch ali angle bracket with a coax joiner through the centre holding it on, now heres the thing i cant get more than 1 wire off it and when i do that it makes no difference unless i angle one leg like a starduster, and all that does it makes it directional, i have wraped the 9ft wire around the pole now under the bracket and taped the end onto the pole in the hope the pole will be electrically 9ft, the swr isnt to bad it about 1.6 1.7 its right on the edge of the house making it impossible to get wires anywhere. but heres the strange thing although its pants and i am certain im losing power with no real ground plane it wins when its 10 foot lower in the garden with 3 90 degree 9 foot ground planes, no one hears me and the clostest guy at 3.5 miles struggles to hear me, on the house my range is 8 miles, but when i put my jackson on, i go from drawing 2 amps on the groundplane sysytem to 3.5 amps on the pole on the brackets, and i get out better so for some reason its making the jackson put out more power, any ideas why ? the jackson can do 30watts but on low power its 4 however it seems to be pulling 8 or 9 on low power.
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Try and get hold of a cheep matcher to tune the antenna better ,this would stop the radios high output and high amps drawn from the powersupply .

Tankwhip works quite well mounted above the TV antenna as the lashing kits seem to provide a fair groundplane though its 9ft long and longer than your 1mtr limit. .
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