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Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:58 pm

Ok so for the big question.
I’ve just bought myself a Cobra 148GTLDX side band radio (am/fm/ssb/lsb/low/mid/high) which is currently winging its way from its previous owner.

So as a newbie I’ve done some reading but need some clarification to see if I’m on the right track or not

I am going to use it for offroading but as it has more potential I would ideally like to be able to communicate with a friend who lives in Bristol and another in Brighton. If I could reach into Europe and beyond occasionally, all the better just for the fun of it.
Will this be possible with this rig in a vehicle?

With this in mind am I right that I would need to use sideband for the distance stuff and CB for offroading? Is it possible to have an antenna set up that is suitable for both?

I will be drilling/magmounting (probably drilling if I can pluck up the courage) as discussed in my other thread.
I’m happy to spend decent money on the antenna as I know this is what makes or breaks the potential to transmit and receive. The antenna I am considering is the Sirio Highpower 4000PL. Is this a good choice for this rig?
I guess this antenna would get ripped off offroading? So could I SWR this antenna, remove it and SWR the normal springer I use at the moment so I can swop them for offroading or am I really showing my ignorance here?

The radio itself is apparently completely standard. Is there anything that would be recommended to get done to it to improve it and where would I get it done? Not worried about making it reach the ends of the earth but if its needed then so be it.

On the same topic I understand the rig only goes up to channel 26 of standard CB channels. What sort of cost is it to modify it to pick up all 40 (and the 40 euro channels if possible?)

Will this really improve things that much? Am I right that if I do get one it will need to be 100amp or over?

Ideally I would like to use the radio in my car and as a home rig with a larger antenna. Is using the cigar lighter connector in the car that bad in terms of interference? If not its ideal as it will be easily removable. If it is bad are there any other easy ‘quick release’ means of connecting in the car?

My friend lives in a flat in Bristol my other friend could be home based or mobile (ideally mobile). Is there any means to set them up with a mobile or home rig for around £100 or under each that will mean we can talk (including them to each other – Brighton to Bristol is about 150 miles) when conditions are good? Again I presume it would need to be sideband for this sort of range?

Phew! Lots of questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully maybe to answer one or two of the questions :D
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Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:38 am

no wont cover that kind of distance unless you are within 25 miles of them yes you could reach europe

side band for distance

cb for local

gutter mount if possable

wilson 1000 will survive more bashing than the sirio 4000

euro channels already on set cost of expansion down to rig doctor

bristol brighton then use the french cb ( british telecom)

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